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The National Reconciliation Week

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Even before the coronavirus pandemic altered the lives of millions of  Americans, there were palpable and measurable signs of trouble in Black and other communities of color: high levels of unresolved trauma; rising rates of youth suicides; increasing numbers of fragile families; and an uptick in overall violence. Those challenges demanded a bold and unique response.

Esther Productions, Inc. and Young Parent Elevation Network joined forces in 2020 to create The National Reconciliation Week. Its mission is to aid individuals, families and communities in addressing unresolved trauma, which often triggers other adverse conditions, through a deliberate and structured system of reconciliation, as designed by fatherless pioneer, author and certified life coach jonetta rose barras.

With the success of last year’s project, the two organizations will present The National Reconciliation Week 2021. The project’s goals:

  • to help individuals and families in 100 communities heal from the emotional, mental and physical trauma of estrangement;

  • to teach them effective methods of self and familial care, which would reduce the potential of recurrence of previous trauma;

  • to offer effective tools for  developing and maintaining whole, healthy, stable relationships both personal and familial, including providing the framework for successful co-parenting; and

  • to better equip them in creating a new post-pandemic normal.

The National Reconciliation Week advances the concept that leading a healthy centered, balanced life requires being in touch with our emotions and understanding the effects they may  have on our physical, mental and spiritual health. The process of connecting to the internal to enhance the external is what we call “reconciliation,” and can be implemented by an individual, an entire family, persons within a family or a community.

It offers individuals, families and communities an entire week to intentionally focus on the process of reconciling to effect healing from the emotional, mental and physical trauma of estrangement; to inspire better self-care, familial and community relationships; and to empower achievement of stated goals, aspirations or dreams.

It’s important to note that reconciliation is a journey--not a destination—requiring a deliberate and purposeful effort to yield positive empowering results. The NRW believes effective reconciliation can address unresolved trauma while diminishing the potential for recurring trauma. It also can assist in creating a new post-pandemic normal.


The National Reconciliation Week 2021 includes panel discussions, interviews with experts in the field, workshops, training sessions and tips featured in a customized tool kit. Confirmed speakers include Jayne O'Donnell, founder of the Urban Health Media Project, and former USA TODAY reporter; relationship coach Paul Bashea Williams; certified professional counselor Dr. Rose Shelton; nonprofit executive leader Ana Acevedo; Stacey Clark, community leader, social entrepreneur and executive director of Leap, Learn Live, Inc.; author and co-parenting guru Michael Smothers; Jennifer Yolanda Okosun, founder of Young Parent Elevation Network, selfcare expert, author and NRW co-presenter; Dr. Tracie Robinson, movement therapist and intrapersonal psychologist; and Esther Productions Inc. founder and author jonetta rose barras.

The event opens with a panel discussion that contextualizes the challenges facing individuals, families and communities, particularly those of color within this time of the coronavirus pandemic and why reconciliation is a viable vehicle for healing and empowerment. Each day after includes a flash interview with an expert in the field that will be presented not just for participants but also throughout NRW’s social media network. A forty-five targeted workshop will follow. Participants will be provided specific tips and resources in each area.


The last day will include an overview of the week with a ritualized closing designed to keep participants on the reconciliation path. To ensure the latter, each participant will be invited to become involved in the three, monthly coaching sessions; these will help NRW retain its relationship with participants but also to offer tangible assistance to ensure the projects desired outcome of healing and empowerment.

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