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Esther Productions Inc.’s name has been among women’s empowerment pioneers since 2004, when it was founded by jonetta rose barras, author of "Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women," and a cadre of dedicated professionals. Its mission then and now is to help heal, inspire and empower girls and women, particularly those affected by the devastating trauma of father abandonment.


A nonprofit, 501 c (3) tax-exempt educational, social, arts and cultural corporation, Esther Productions is based in the Washington, DC.. However, it is an undeniable presence on the national scene adding voice and value to conferences, symposia and festivals. Its partnerships with other organizations extend from Virginia to Maryland, North Carolina, Louisiana and Texas. 

An innovator, Esther Productions Inc. offers a variety of unique tools and techniques to ensure girls and women achieve self-actualization. The organization also is dedicated to enhancing the academic achievement of children and youth from under-resourced communities. Further, through its programs, it seeks to strengthen families, providing them the personal and communal skills sufficient to navigate socio-economic challenges while celebrating their histories and culture.

A board of directors helps guide the organization’s overall mission and activities. An advisory committee  that includes experts, celebrities and citizens from affected communities assist Esther Productions Inc in designing and planning programs, ensuring their authenticity, integrity and effectiveness. All programs are evaluated by members of their target audience and independent external consultants.

We are supported financially by a variety of corporations and individuals including Kerry S. Pearson LLC, Fort Myer Construction Corporation Charitable Foundation, Pepco, an Exelon Corporation, and Emmanuel Bailey. 


Esther Productions Inc has developed innovative, intimate, and evidence-based programs designed to serve girls and women, especially those who are growing up or have grown up with the presence and daily influence of their fathers in their lives.  Our prime programs include The Fatherless Daughter Empowerment Project, Esther’s Butterfly Series, and The National Reconciliation Week; they have been designed and developed by a team of professionals-- counselors, therapists and community outreach specialists. Moreover, each program is evaluated annually using an internal and external process that allows Esther Productions Inc. to continually improve its efficiency and effectiveness in serving fatherless women, their families and communities.


The Fatherless Daughter Empowerment Project is a constellation of programs that include The Fatherless Daughters Speak Out, Discovering Me…Without You: An Annual Personal Essay Contest,  and The Daughters Circle.

Specifically designed for teen girls ages 13 through 17, The Fatherless Daughters Speak Out guide participants to the path of self-actualization using fun arts-based interactive and intervention techniques. These sessions include PaintSpiration; MoveOn, and the Summer Writing Institute.

Discovering Me...Without You: An Annual Personal Essay Contest is for Teen girls 14-17 who live in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region. It is designed to aid in the healing of fatherless girls by using the personal essay to help them discover their strengths and resilience. Cash prizes are presented to the winners and the writings of all finalists are published in a chapbook that is released in the spring of each year.

Often participants of Esther Productions Inc’s workshops and programs want to stay connected. Daughters Circle is that vehicle for recharging girls and women who want to continue to be inspired and empowered by each other. These groups follow a specific format and meet as frequently as members choose.

ESTHER’S BUTTERFLY SERIES: A Transformational Path for Girls and Women is a motivational, empowerment and networking program. It was created to aid women in development of personal and professional relationships. Women pioneers who have achieved success, overcoming various challenges, are featured speakers during intimate breakfast gatherings. Beginning in January 2022, Esther will add a new feature to this programs: a two-day winter retreat that allows for deeper programming and more targeted interaction with program participants.

THE NATIONAL RECONCILIATION WEEK was created around the belief that family is the institutional foundation for everything—the individual and society. If it is weak or unstable, then the individual, without interventions, also will not possess the necessary strength of character and purpose to achieve in life. A community without cohesive, strong and loving families will be marked by various socio-economic and debilitating challenges. The program is held each June and features an array of experts, practitioners and creative healers whose focus is to assist individuals, families and communities in becoming their best selves through a reconciliation system as developed by jonetta rose barras. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Esther Productions Inc is dedicated to helping girls and women find, capture and accelerate their personal magic and power, expanding their wealth and influence at home and in the world.


Our Vision

Esther Productions Inc. is dedicated to creating a world were girls and women are empowered, using their voices, experiences and imaginations to improve their own lives and that of others in the world.

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