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The Resurrection Message

DO you sometimes feel as if you’ve become caught in quicksand and it’s impossible to pull yourself out. Each time you move, the deeper you feel you are sinking.

You think the best thing is to accept your fate. Consequently, you embrace the situation--the adverse conditions, which could translate into insufficient finances, inadequate housing, poor health, loneliness, maybe all of the above. You surrender your dreams of purchasing that condo. You put away the brochures for that African or European trip for which you had been planning.

You start asserting that the dreams you dreamed for yourself or for your family will never be realized. They are all dead. It’s best to just move on.

When someone tells you not to give up, you laugh. You tell them you are practical. You say that some things are just not meant to be.

Except, I’ve learned that most times things are, in fact, meant to be. All around us we see and hear the message of resurrection--a message that declares the possibilities in life, of life.

It is possible to overcome any adversity, to penetrate any darkness, to rise--truly--to our highest heights. That message is valid and valuable--not just during the Easter season but throughout the year.

We see it in nature every spring. Throughout the winter we have had to watch naked trees. We’ve looked at hard, barren soil. We’ve listened to the absence of a cacophony of birds in song.

Then, one morning, as we look from our windows, we see a few buds peeking out from a tree branch. In a week or two, there are leaves—a lush canopy delighting our eyes and other senses. Wildflowers perk up sections of the ground, reminding everyone that once upon a time, not long ago, they covered the landscape strutting their beauty without reservation. We see the cocoon break; the butterfly leaps out, dances across the sky before us.

Who thought the caterpillar was dead? Who thought the tree might not come back to life?

Tell the truth. You thought that once or twice only to be surprised by their return.

A resurrection is always possible, despite the despair that may be crowding your life, making you think you can’t handle something, making you think you can’t get your dreams back and running.

Rising again isn’t just a story in the Bible.

If you want to create your own resurrection story, you may try these simple but proven steps:

1.Believe again. There can be no room for doubt in the possibility that you can get out of the quicksand, get out of that hole, walk through a dark room without falling all over everything and damn near killing yourself.

2.See yourself moving up; lock into that vision and don’t let go, even if someone around you testifies that you are sinking. What does she know? This isn’t an easy task to perform. It requires a sort of blind, blessed faith in yourself and the universe.

3.Speak words of power to the self you see rising—not the person who may feel she is, struggling with insufficient finances or poor health.

4.Write those words in large letters; find pictures that amplify their meaning and put them in your journal or on your wall where you can see and recite them each morning, each evening, each time something tries to pull you back into that river of despair. Affirmations are like water for our spirit. Just as plants and flowers need nourishment so do our inner-being; our soul is the power source, charging and restoring us.

You may not see immediate change in your circumstance, in your environment. Don’t stop. Repeat these steps, inspiring yourself to perform them with fidelity.

In this season of resurrection and restoration embrace the new light, your new life, filled with prosperity, peace, love and universal power.

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