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I consider the start of the new year an opportunity to reset by life. Most of us make promises to change. We pledge to improve our diets, lose weight, travel, read, be kinder-even as we cuss out the first person who crosses us or expresses opposition to our opinions.

Many of those promises are forgotten almost as soon as they are made. Sometimes we use various excuses or blame others as we erase them from our memory. Truthfully, New Year resolutions frequently--though not always--are empty rituals, part of a haphazard review and assessment of the past year that frequently are performed without a clear and honest conversation with ourselves.

We know we didn’t engage in the self-care we promised last new year. We know we have continued to permit toxic people to enter our environment, sometimes giving them the most comfortable seat in our world, as they steal our joy and prosperity.

Go ahead, admit it, the promises of 2022 were not kept. Fortunately, this is a new year; there is still the chance to detox, reset and soar.

That process can only begin, however, with a true and deliberate assessment of the past year. To get started, conduct your inventory—personal and professional.

Yes, we were still dealing with the after-effects of the pandemic, so it may be difficult to parse. Do your best to determine what problems were the result of the virus’ intrusion and what were because you were unable to focus, to set proper boundaries, to create a mission and follow it with fidelity.

Don’t forget to consider baggage you have been carrying around for years. Its malodor and toxicity have become so strong from not dealing with it, that it has sabotaged your movement forward.

On a sheet of paper, you may want to list all those things, and explain to yourself the adverse role they are playing or have played. Next to each item also write what you think could happen if you got rid of that issues or old baggage.

The first list is your detox list.

The second, adjacent list is your reset list.

Now, take the reset and create your soar plan.

Often in setting a New Year resolution we visualize. We don’t necessarily establish a calendar for actualizing or implementing. We write down what we want to do. We somehow think that because we have stated the goal that it will be locked in our minds everyday and it will automatically come to fruition.

I believe in magic, too. But is not magical; it requires work. If you want your magic to produce powerful results, you have to bring your whole mind, body and soul to the table, demanding that each do its part to realize the mission.

With that reset plan in hand and a calendar nearby, determine what actions you want take each day or each week. And establish a date when you expect to be soaring.

I almost forgot: You need a definition—a realistic but ambitious definition--of soaring. Does it mean you are banking 5%-10% more money than you did last year? Does it mean you have a committed relationship with someone who deeply appreciates you as you are, and you have the same appreciation for the other person?

Does it mean you are taking yourself on that long promised trip to some foreign country? Does it mean the quality of your living is just 100% better, with or without more money?

You decide.

Lastly, decide how you intend to motivate yourself. Weight Watchers uses a point and reward system to keep its members on the path.

How will you incentivize and fuel your efforts? Will you deploy affirmations? Will you provide a special event, dinner at a luxury restaurant, for example, or a short motivational trip?

Whatever you do remember the most important thing: Be intentional. Feel free, if necessary to adjust your plan when you run into turbulence, severe weather etc.

Don’t abandon mission, however. Stay focused and committed throughout the year.

Now, get ready to enjoy that flight. Soar, like never before!


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