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Words that Heal and Propel

Reconciliation. That is a word we, at Esther Productions Inc., often speak. We understand its power.

Trauma. That’s another word we consistently use in the work that we do to help heal girls and women who have grown up or who are growing up without their fathers in their lives.

We know the impact a single traumatic event can have in someone’s life. In many instances, however, the women and girls we meet and with whom we offer consistent support suffer from multiple traumas: their own. generational trauma, which can be handed down to them through their parents or relative; call it legacy trauma, which many people of color in the United States still experience in various ways; and vicarious trauma, which often comes from witnessing someone else’s traumatic event—a mother is beaten by a boyfriend, or a neighbor is shot within feet from your home.

Unquestionably, trauma separates and degrades. Tragically, it sometimes fully destroys its victims. They lose sight of who they are. Sometimes the person they believe themself to be is nothing more than a façade, a persona invented to shield from future trauma. Instead, the solution brings its own problems, wreaking havoc and creating new kinds of trauma.

The answer: Stop creating fake personalities, compartments and ineffective barriers. It’s important to recognize the trauma (s) you have experienced. You must acknowledge the pain it may have inflicted, the damage it may have caused.

In my view, trauma’s greatest injury is that more often than not it separates a person from herself—her true self: her spirit and her soul.

The first step to healing from any traumatic experience is to appreciate its effects on the inner being. Questions: How it has twisted your heart? How has it darkened your spirit? How has it stolen the joy from your soul?

This is an indisputable fact: No one can heal effectively if the person is afraid to acknowledge that the hurt.

Not only do you want to stop the hurt, however. You also want to get back your precious valuables: spirit and soul—especially the soul.

The soul is the unconscious part of yourself that distills reality from the fake, deliberate distortions that camouflage the truth. It does not truck pretentions, colorizing, or digitalizing to find and know personal happiness. I have come to know that without the

soul, there was no way wield my intrinsic power or magic.

That’s the prime reason for reconciliation and why we, at Esther Productions Inc, speak so frequently about it. It’s why we have an annual event designed to advance our model of reconciliation.

Yes, we do advocate that you seek reconciliation, if possible, with the person who may have caused you harm, who may have brought trauma into your world. However, our emphasis is on self-reconciliation. That system helps you build, restore and strengthen your individual power so you can direct your life, realize your dreams, achieve self-actualization while releasing the pain of past trauma.

The reconciliation process will force you to unearth the various pieces of yourself that you have hidden from yourself, and remove the mask you have worn for years, perhaps decades—long before the coronavirus forced such behavior. In the end, I assure you that the self-reconciliation will help empower you and propel you to a brighter more satisfying and prosperous future.

If you want to make that journey, if you want to realize more of your potential despite the hardships and traumas you may have experienced, then join me on January 23, 2023, and every fourth Monday through March from 5:30 pm through 6:30 pm for ACCELERATE-- a special coaching sessions designed to help participates reconnect with and accelerate their personal power through self-reconciliation.


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