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Thanks for Standing With Us

Dear Friend:

This has been a season of challenges. With much of the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic moving behind us, Esther Productions is resetting and stabilizing to embrace the exciting opportunities that await us. We have rededicated ourselves to our prime mission of inspiring and empowering girls and women, particularly those facing the adverse impacts of father absence, while polishing our approaches and programs.

Join us as we move forward. Please make a donation of $75 or more to Esther Productions In. Your contribution will support The Fatherless Daughter Empowerment Project, Soaring Sisters Circle and The National Reconciliation Week.

On Dec. 11, 2021 we will hold an awards ceremony for the winners of our the 2021 Discovering Me…Without You Personal Essay Contest for Teen Girls 14 through 17--a key feature of the Fatherless Daughter Empowerment Project. The judges are reviewing the entries as I write this letter. I can tell you we are deeply moved by the stories of fatherlessness these young ladies have shared, and much affected by their resilience.

Many girls who are growing up without the daily and active involvement of their fathers in their homes and lives often experience debilitating low self-esteem, dysfunctional relationships, physical and sexual abuse, self-destructive behaviors, and have difficulty leading productive lives.

Esther Productions Inc.’s role is to help them heal from the trauma of father absence while strengthening their resilience and empowering their voices. Consistent with that goal, we will publish in 2022 a book of essays from the young ladies who entered the Discovering Me…Without You contest. Not only will this encourage those who participated in the project but also those who may pick up the book, read an essay and hear themselves inside those written words. In fact, more than a few adults have also been encouraged by the creative works of the fatherless teens in our program.

A friend of Esther Productions Inc. ,who is a seasoned and professional theater producer, is working to develop a play for 2022. It will provide insight into the plight of fatherless girls and women, featuring the writings of those who are in our empowerment project. The play will tour selected cities, expanding the organization’s ability to touch, heal, and strengthen fatherless daughters.

In January, we expect to launch our Soaring Sisters Circle, a membership group for women who are 18 years old or older. Further, we will present in June 2022, The National Reconciliation Week, a program that provides individuals and families the tools to strengthen the most basic and essential institution in society: the family.

I hope you will join forces with Esther Productions Inc. as we continue to help fatherless girls and women achieve self-actualization and empowerment. Please make a tax-deductible contribution of $75 or more today.

You may make your contribution through our PayPal account at or by sending us a check payable to Esther Productions Inc. to P.O.Box 21570, Washington, D.C. 20009.

On behalf of all the fatherless daughters your generosity benefits, thank you so very much.

Warmest regards,


Jonetta Rose Barras

President and CEO

P.S. The path to healing and self-actualization is a journey. Help Esther Productions Inc guide more fatherless women on their trip. Please send as generous a gift as you can.

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